In the emblematic island of Santorini,

a new gastronomic experience is about to begin its journey.

The Italian culinary experience and aperitivo experience of I Frati Santorini.

Beach Experience

The exquisite tastes of our gastronomical menu and the ultimate relaxation, both in Perivolos Beach, one of the most beautiful and sumptuous beaches in Santorini. Our aim is to offer you a luxurious yet comfy experience in an all-day environment, from morning brunches and coffee awakenings, to sunset drinks and fine dining. The magical island sensation of Santorini, this unique and emblematic island, is complemented by the dark warm sand, the blue waters and the white Cycladic scenery. We are here, to make sure that you can have an unforgettable Frati Experience by the beach.

Brunch serving in Mykonos
Breakfast with view over Mykonos town
Bartender preparing aperitivo in Mykonos
Cocktail in Mykonos

Culinary Experience

An amazing collection of fresh fish and seafood, an elegant Italian influence, latest international gastronomic trends paired with local products, these are all necessary parts, of the Frati Santorini experience. A stunning variety of warm and cold dishes, pasta, meat and fish, and a sweet melody of fine desserts, welcoming you in our restaurant, for a mouthwatering tasteful island experience.

Aperitivo Experience

Our selection of fine wines and cocktails, are offering tremendous sips of joy. A glass of cool wine under the sun, an innovative cocktail watching the sunset of Santorini and of course our premium aperitivo proposals, redefine Beach Luxury and define your summer experience.

Italian cuisine in Mykonos
Delicatessen in Mykonos, Italian cheese


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